Receive subsidies
Subsidies for the Production
In Russia, new production facilities are supported with various subsidies. The establishment of a new production facility is supported with several tax and duty reliefs. In addition, there are favorable financial support possibilities and relief for rent and lease.

For many German and European companies this is an excellent and great chance to save their production facilities from European economic problems and to establish a new production in the Russian Federation and to fix it in the long term.

The new establishment will enable the conquest of Asian growth markets, as well as securing the markets of the Eurasian Economic Union. The newly established companies will receive long-term competitive advantages due to Russia's policy of unlimited resources.
Tax Exemption of the Companies
The newly established companies are exempted from profit and property taxes for a period of five years. Exemption takes place through the accounting application and has a notifying character.
Financing Options
There are various financing options for newly established companies. The most common financing option is financing with the state guarantee with 1 percent interest rate per year. There are also various regional business grants and development loans in the Russian Federation.
Rents and Leases
For the newly established companies there is a possibility to receive an annual rent in the amount of 0.069% from the cadastral value of the land plot. In addition, there is construction financing with the state guarantees for the construction of industrial buildings.
Social Security Contributions
For newly established companies, social security contributions are reduced from 30% to 7.25% within the first 5 years. In addition, there are still the financing options for the professional development of employees.
Financing Options
Rents and Leases
Profit Tax Exemption
Property Tax Exemption
Special Services
In the case of specific types of production, which are of great economic importance for the respective federal economic territory, special subsidies and special services for the new establishment of the production plant are possible and can be negotiated separately.

We are in direct contact with the federal and respective regional authorities and can negotiate special services and subsidies for our clients on an equal footing.
Certification of Products
EAC approval is an important measure for the manufacture and distribution of products in the Russian Federation and the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU).

EAC approval is a proof of EAC conformity for the distribution of products on the territory of EAWU states. The EAC approval confirms to the manufacturer that the products are compliant with the requirements of technical regulations of the EAWU states.

We also offer our customers other possibilities of approval of products for export to Asia. For example, CCC approval for China or KC approval for Korea, as well as for other Asian countries to be carried out directly in the factory.
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