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Why Russia?
A start-up in Russia is a great opportunity to rescue a well-functioning production from the European problems and to establish a production facility in the Russian Federation.

In Russia there is a policy of unlimited resources, there are very good export opportunities to Asia and there are excellent opportunities to hire employees from Central Asia.

Thus, the Russian Federation is a stable business location with the long-term prospects and strategic competitive advantages for the German and European entrepreneurs.
Unlimited Resources
Due to the unlimited resources policy, Russia's enterprises are successfully supplied with all necessary resources for the production of goods and services at the competitive prices. Thus, all Russian companies gain strategic competitive advantages and are able to secure their market position in the long term.
Export to Asia
Exports to Asia from Russia are politically desired, supported and promoted by various measures. Exports to Asia from the Russian Federation are carried out via favorable railroad routes and sea routes.

The potential of the Asian markets is very large. At present, 5 000 000 000 people live in Asia, Asian countries are developing very fast and the needs of the Asian population are also increasing very rapidly. Thus, it is an excellent opportunity to supply the Asian markets from the Russian Federation.

The new establishment and the positioning in Russia will secure strategic competitive advantages in the long term.
Export to China
Export to India
Export to Central Asia
Export to Korea
Personnel from Central Asia
In the Russian Federation there is a possibility to hire the employees from Central Asia. Several million people from Central Asia work in various industries in the Russian Federation.

We have the possibilities to hire sufficient number of employees within the shortest time for our clients. Thus, there are enough workers available for successful production in the Russian Federation.
Geopolitics and Sovereignty
The Russian Federation is an independent and sovereign state and cannot be forced by other major powers to adopt a policy of sanctions or rejection of its own national interests. Furthermore, Russia pursues an open and independent trade and business policy, thus the sales volumes for domestic needs as well as for export are guaranteed.
Energy Policy in Russia
In Russia, the principle of diversified energy policy is followed. There is enough energy available for industrial production of goods and services.

For industrial producers of goods and services in Russia there are special gas and electricity prices.
Accompaniment and Support
We - SHVER LLC - accompany and support any foundation Russia from the very beginning:
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